Google AdWords: Keyword Tool

If you are interested getting some statistics on a particular keyword of phrase, google provides a nice tool called “Google AdWords: Keyword Tool”. This tool can be found at the following url:

Where can this be useful, you might ask? For example, when you are registering your domain name, one of the most important SEO parameters is the domain name itself. If you have a web site that sells guitars and you have a domain which is something like, chances are that it not only be easier for people to memorize it, but google will rank it higher than, for example,

Go to the keyword tool, enter a phrase “guitars for sale” and compare “guitarz fo salez”. You will see that amount of people searching for the first one is much higher than the second one (135,000 vs 0). Hence, the domain name consisting of the first phrase will most likely also be found more frequently than the later one.

If you are a Google AdSense user, you might find this tool useful for checking whether your google ad keywords are frequently searched or whether the competition on the web is high-low, which also is an important factor. Your keywords combination might be a very popular one, but at the same time the amount of people searching using that particular keyword is high, hence, a competition for viewers may reduce the amount of people your ad is being shown to.

There are some other tools which are very useful when trying to improve your SEO, but that will come in the next posts:)

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